For the 18th year in a row, Lake Area readers of Lagniappe Magazine have voted Gator 99.5's Dale Mann as their favorite radio personality.  If you check the stands now, you'll see Dale's smiling face on this week's cover.  Finally, something to scare off the roaches!

Things you might learn about Dale from the article:

  • He'd rather be an auctioneer.
  • He's partied with Elvis Presley and Conway Twittty.
  • He used to play in a band.  (You'll have to read the article to know which instrument.)
  • When he worked for "the other guys," they drove him to a heart attack!

There's a ton more in Brad Goins' article in this week's edition.  We at Gator 99.5 congratulate Dale on his achievement and secretly wonder how much his head will swell over all this hoopla.

(Just kiddin', Dale!)