She did it last year and caused a sensation, and this year, she's back for a repeat performance.  Sarah Childs, formerly Sarah Henderson, is once again giving her neighbors "the finger" in Christmas lights on top of her house.  And if the Baton Rouge Advocate's article is any indication, she's 100% non-apologetic about it.

Childs stirred up the pot last year with her ... display of digits ... something she said she did after a neighbor stole one of her dogs.  Childs told the Advocate she would have been willing to take the display down until a neighbor said "something to her that irked her."  She ended up getting help from the ACLU in suing the city to protect her right to flip off the universe -- and she won.

But, the fight between Childs and her neighbors has escalated this year -- someone struck back by shredding the wires to her display.  Childs thinks it's her neighbors.  Earlier this week, she climbed her roof once again and built ANOTHER middle finger.

She doesn't even live at the house.  She and her husband divorced in the last year or two, and the house is supposedly empty.

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