Denver the Guilty Dog has an unusual way of taking medicine. She likes to smile when she does something that her humans may not be fond of.  Like, eating the cat's food, steeling a bag of treats, or when she has to take medicine for her ears (see below video).  Always with a silly, toothy grin.

Like Denver, Maggie, my Fox Terrier, takes medicine for her skin issues.  She has learned the creative ways we try to give her the pill.  My hubby, Chad, has now invented the genius way of wrapping the pill in sliced ham.  Plus, my other two dogs Lucy and Buddy get ham, as well, so that makes Maggie want it more. You know, the old "I want what they have" trait.  As soon as Chad shakes the pill bottle, they all come running.  Tails wagging, with grins, so happy to get HAM.  Pavlov's theory in action.  She hears the bottle shake.......that means ham is coming.  Easy-peasy.

I often wonder how a dog knows how to show emotions like guilt or the "who me" type of behavior.  I always know which dog has tee tee'd on the floor during a rain storm, SHE always bows her head and looks at me shamelessly (Lucy); or Maggie, who quietly steals treats from the treat box if the pantry door is left an inch open.  Or, Buddy when his nose has been in the dirt (he can't see it on his nose, so he thinks I can't see it).  I swear, they are more human than we think.