This week my daughter Nicole is down from Nebraska visiting. One of the things she needed to accomplish while she was here to get a copy of her birth certificate and new social security card, since both items were in her wallet that got stolen earlier in the month.

My wife took her Tuesday to take care of those errands. First place they went to was the Health Unit in Lake Charles to send off for a new birth certificate. They were told it was a $34 fee and it would take 6-8 weeks to be delivered by mail. Then they were then told that if they didn’t want to wait they could go to Sulphur to the Clerk of Courts office at 500A Huntington St. and they could get a copy on the same day for $24. So of course, that is where they went. My daughter filled out the application and turned it in and in 15 minutes she had her birth certificate. It was a very quick and easy process. A lot easier than they thought.

Since they had the birth certificate in hand and still had time left in their day they headed over to the social security office in Lake Charles and filled out the form for a new social security card. That was also an easier process than they expected. They were expecting a long wait, but they just walked in, signed in, and were immediately seen. The social security card will be mailed.

And then, since they had saved so much time on their errands they came back to Sulphur and got themselves a delicious snow cone. I’m still waiting on mine.