I am not a "shopper" in the true sense of the word.  I love buying new clothes, but the thought of trying them on aggravates me before I make it to the Mall.  Why can't clothes FIT?  I laughed my arse off watching the "17 Clothing Problems Women Know Too Well" video below.  Do you remember the body suits of the 90's, the snap-crotch?  Who would ever decide that was cool to wear (I had every color, go figure).  It was so hard to pee when you had to pull your pants down and then unsnap, potty, and then stretch it back together and re-snap?  It never stretched together correctly so you had a fredgy (a front-wedgy) for the night.

I don't own a pair of boyfriend jeans, they don't look good on me.  At my age, I tend to purchase clothes I can wear to work.  If it ain't appropriate in the office, it ain't gonna be in my closet.  Maxi dresses may work, but don't wear heels with them.  Only wedges.  The the dress is long enough to get stuck on your heels and BAM, you face-plant on the floor before you even know it.  That is not cool.

I remember this one time I wore a romper.  I had to potty so bad, that before I could get the romper down I had piddled a little on myself.  Can you say horrifying?   Thank goodness I was clubbing so I just danced the night away. The best piece of advice, when you find a pair of pants, shorts, or a dress that fits?  Buy every color they offer.  Trust me, you will feel better about your hips, butt, and/or thighs and not break the bank buying things that may look good in the store, but when you get home they are horrible.  Be good to yourself, stop buying trends and start dressing for you.  #GirlProblems