I used to own a beautiful basset hound. His name was Oscar. He had the potential to be one of the best family dogs in Gator Country. That was until he ate my BBQ pit! 

Oscar was discovered by my youngest daughter, when we lived in Nebraska. My rule was this, when that dog becomes my responsibility then he will find a new home. Sorry, if this does not sit with you if you are an EXTREME dog lover. I am not.

So, my family moves back to Louisiana in 2012. And Oscar made the trip. Barely.

My family moves to a house in Sulphur and what was really cool? The big backyard. Trees! Ant piles to pee on! Plenty of chew toys! My son even bought the pooch a kiddie pool! OMG! Talk about living the life, huh?

Well, not to the spoiled dog!

It started with my garden hose. (Strike one)

Then, he took out his evil intentions on my poor defenseless lawnmower! (Strike two)

Then I came home one day, and there was an instant turn in my gut. I knew something was... wrong. Hmmm? After walking throughout my house, the nightmare would be waiting for me in my backyard. The victim? My gas grill! This beast from Hell had eaten the knobs off and the tube the connected the propane.


You're Out!

Do not be fooled by the following video!


This is what my dog turned in to!


We gave him a way to a person who owned a few basset hounds. And last check... he's been an angel...dog?