A friend of mine was talking about his class reunion coming up soon, which made me think of a map that my friend Bobby Douget at Special Tees made for one of our reunions. It was a map of the Lake Area Drive-In Restaurants and the famous Bamboo Club. Maybe this will bring back some memories to some or ask your mom or dad if they remember any of these and which ones they went to.

Now each high school basically had it's favorite drive-in. Woody's on Ryan St. was the gathering spot for LaGrange High. Tom & Macs on Broad St. was where Lake Charles High congregated. Travis's Bomber Grill on 6th Ave. at Broad St. was the hangout for Marion. Now Fred's on hwy 14 was the largest of all and it was sort of nutural. Everybody went to Fred's because it was on the other side of town. And if you were 18 or older you went to see the Boogie Kings at the Bamboo Club on hwy 14. I hope this has brought back some memories to some of you.