Do you remember your first kiss? How old were you?

It was the summer of 1990, and she was spending the summer at her aunt's house. Her name was Misty and she was a year older than me. I was turning 15 in just a few weeks and she was leaving, to go back home in a few days. Those days, I found myself doing lots of things for the first time. I became a hugger. Holding hands. And... dealt with my first summer crush. Remember those days? Those moments? Then the time would come... and I stalled to to many times. She kissed me. LOL


How about you, Gator Country?

Megan Guzman-Davis Skating rink in Westlake I was 11

Joslyn Butts Yep 5th grade the boy was in 2nd. He kissed me

Erin Davison Kindergarten

Desiree Garvin Foreman Omg...I was 10 at Wheelers!! LoL

Christine Marie Lanier 14, 8th grade. Right after the Sulphur High football game. It was amazing!!! My best friend was watching us from afar, lol. She said we looked like a movie, lol.

Sherry Klein Wait!! I should have wrote it down!!!, I remember, 14 years old, in my brothers truck, my brothers friend, just got through watching the movie "endless love" ....Hummm, maybe it was the movie

Rosie Burnside I was like 12 and it was at McBride's Skating Rink.

Jamie Simon Mine was a pity kiss from my cousin...