My soon-to-be 23 year old son has NO clue on changing a tire! None! Paid a neighbor to fix a flat. As a father... where did I go wrong?

This morning, Emily and I talked about my son's recent situation with his flat tire and it raised a question. Do you think it should be mandatory to learn to change a tire in Drivers Ed? Here's what Gator Country had to say about the matter.

Brandy Thomas I think they should be taught to change a tire and how to check the oil!

Shonda Berry Yes..n other basic maintenance on a vehicle

Patrice Balla I think the parents should teach their children, not only changing a tire but other things as well like cooking, washing clothes ect.
There are so many children that are lost on simple things these days

Michelle Harris Yes, my dad taught me to change tires, brake shoes, and the battery before I was 10 years old.

Rosanna Trabue Yes and no. I believe that the parents should teach them to do all maintenance on the vehicle and drivers ed should just make sure they know how to do it.

Dawn Cormier Yes...these kids don't know how to do anything and don't always have the parents that would show them

Tiffany Cardwell For what it cost yes I think they should. Where my kids went they were suppose to teach them how to check everything (fluids) but they didn't that's one of the reasons I chose to send them to where I did.

Brandy Neese Yes I do, my very first car was out on blocks an wires pulled n blocked up, then I was told when I could make her roll I could drive!!! Lol good times!!