I found my Drew Brees jersey before yesterday's game and thought it was a good sign.The Saints did win yesterday which means that I get to wear my Saints tie today. It is important to do your part to help the team win ... whatever it takes.

Don Rivers

I spent about an hour digging through my closet, all of my drawers, the guest room closet and then finally found my Drew Brees jersey in the living room closet. This jersey is important because it is the one that I wore to every home game the year we won the Super Bowl. So I put it on and sat in my lucky recliner. I watched as the Saints struggled on offense but did pretty well on defense as they built a 13 to nothing lead.

I started watching but also getting stuff ready for this week. The Tampa Bay defense got tough and Drew threw those interceptions and the next thing you know we were losing! I had started ironing a pair of pants at half time and the Saints came out with a stop then a touchdown to start the second half. It seems that when I was ironing the Saints played better .... so I had to iron for the rest of the game! I ironed enough close to last me all week! It worked didn't it?

So today I am wearing my lucky Saints tie that I always wear the Monday following a Saints victory. The only lucky piece I am missing is buying the Tide laundry detergent with Drew's picture on it. I have not been able to find it this year. Have you seen it for sale anywhere?