It's the same thing every year. I have no idea what to buy my parents for Christmas!

My parents simply go buy what they want so it leaves us searching for gifts every year. I thought you might be in the same situationn and thought I might could help. here are some ideas that I have used and some that just made sense to me. I also realize that money is tight so I tried to present affordable items.

The first thing is an old fashioned Betty Crocker cookbook. My parents gave us one when we got married but it was not this older edition. This one will take your parents back in time.

My parents spend a lot of time in front of a large window. They enjoy watching the birds and squireels in their yard. My dad hates squirrels though because they have damaged his house. I thought they would like a bird feeder that is squirrel proof. I found one at Wild Birds Unlimited in Beaumont. It was one of the best gifts I have ever given them. They really enjoy it.


This worked out perfectly and even helped us with next years present. It was only natural to follow this with a bird bath.

I just noticed that they make a bird bath heater. That seems a little bit much to me.

That brings us to this year. I am stumped again. My dad loves LSU so he is easy to buy for. I may just give him an IOU for a LSU 2011 National Championship T-shirt. I'm not trying to put pressure on the team but daddy needs a new t-shirt! My mom reads a lot so I thought a Kindle would be great for her.

Or you could go to Overthe This is only good if your parents have a sense of humor.

I hope this may have given you an idea or two. If you have any more ideas .... please write me or call the Gator Breakfast Bunch. Thanks.