DOOMS DAY ALERT:  in 2030, the sun will "go to sleep"...or so scientists claim.  Apparently, leading us into a mini-ice age with temperatures plummeting lower than what we have experienced in our life time.  Called 'Maunder minimum', the phenomenon causes temperatures to lower by 65%; which, happened from 1646 and lasted through 1715, even causing the London's River Thames to freeze over.  A 'mini ice age', will I be able to learn to snow ski finally?  Is this for real?  Let me find out.

It is a hoax!  ARGH!  Why would they do that do me?  Here I am, all worried if I have to buy a fur-lined jacket in SWLA.  The nerve of some scientists.....playing with my emotions like that.  I am already a hot-natured woman in SWLA, with hormones, I was looking forward to milder temperatures because it is so hot outside.  I melt ever time I walk to my car.  The insanity!  I still can't believe it is a hoax, I am so gullible.