I love my dogs, especially my Pit-mix Buddy, who I have mentioned before.  Buddy, my "unofficial" therapy companion helped me get through my darkest days of chemo a few years ago.  His temperament and compassionate, loving personality helped me when I was sick, tired, or emotionally drained.  I have always said Buddy would make an excellent therapy companion with Dr. Dogs Pet Therapy program in SWLA.

Yesterday, The Dr. Dogs Pet Therapy program accepted the 2014 Family Humanitarian Award from the Family & Youth Counseling.  Graciously working towards a calmer, healthier SWLA.  Created in 2007, by a couple who rescued Luke, Golden Retriever, during Hurricane Rita.  What started as a small dream has grown into 40 dogs working in the five-parish area.  Dr. Dogs provides canine therapy to Christus St. Patrick's Hospital, Fun with Fideaux, a children's reading program with the Calcasieu Parish Public Library, Family & Youth Counseling Agency, Hospice patients, and the LCMH Extended Care Rehab Center.

(Photo courtesy of Dr. Dogs Pet Therapy Program)

Fun with Fideaux, my favorite part of the Dr. Dogs Pet Therapy program, matches a canine therapy partner with a child who has difficulty reading out loud.  Children are encouraged to read a loud to a non-judgmental canine companion.  Improving their reading skills while in a therapeutic setting.  The most beautiful thing is seeing a child finally have it click, and read out loud with a smile!  *heart swells*

An excellent way for rescued dogs and community programs to come together for a better SWLA.  Fabulous Fideaux Fun!