Dustin Lynch, "I may cry if 'Hell of a night' hits number 1", and we might cry with him!  The young Nashville, TN star has fought hard to get where he is and is not afraid to show a little emotion about it all.  Currently opening up for Luke Bryan on his "Kick The Dust Up" tour, Lynch is pinching himself daily; he still can't believe he is living his dream.

Lynch admits he is an emotional guy, "I got to do it with ‘Where It’s At,’ I know how that works now. I cried like a baby. I’m a very emotional guy and it doesn’t take a lot for me to tear up,” the singer openly admits.  He feel so blessed to do what he loves each night.  He still revels in hearing his fans sing his songs, cheering and yelling "WE LOVE YOU Dustin".  He says he gets emotional before every show, he wants to appreciate every moment and not take anything for granted.  Lynch does hope he can keep it together when 'Hell of a Night' reaches number one on the charts, but he isn't going to promise anything.  It is OK, Dustin.  One of favorite Taste of Country Christmas Tour artists who has visited SWLA, we LOVE a man who is not afraid to show is sensitive side.