Curb records recording artist Dylan Scott has just completed shooting the video for his current single "Crazy over Me".  Dylan and the crew headed up to Jackson Hole, Wyoming for the shoot in the snow.

We spoke to Dylan this morning and he told us a one point during the shoot he was over waist deep in the snow while shooting the video and had to have assistance getting pulled out of the snow.

Dylan Scott also told Gator 99.5 that they had a script and game plan for the video but once they arrived on site of the shoot they found out that they had a helicopter at thier deposal.

Dylan said he felt like James Bond when he got out of the helicopter and was walking away from it in the snow.  He said the only cooler thing that could have happened was if maybe the helicopter would have exploded or blown up.

So what happen next was they thru the script out and just winged it.

Here is the official video for Dylan Scott's current single "Crazy Over Me".

Dylan Scott will be live in concert in the Southwest Louisiana tomorrow night at the Texas Longhorn club.