So it's days away... that vacation that you and your family have been planning for for months! But before you leave for that destination, lets go over a quick checklist when it comes to your casa.

1. How close are you and your neighbor? One of the first things you should do when planning a trip is to inform someone of your plans. They don't need to know your vacation plans, but should have a head's up in case of emergency. 

2. Make sure the family doggie is taken care of. If you are taking a 10 day vacation or longer, you might wanna make plans for the living things in your home. Depending on how long of a vacation you plan to take, you must also decide if you will have someone watch your pet or pay for overnight care.

3. Did we turn the A/C off? Be sure to turn off your air conditioning unit in your home so you won't waste any energy while away.

4. Electronics unplugged? When planning a vacation, always unplug all computers, televisions and any other accessory you don't plan to use. This will help reduce energy consumption.

5. Nothing more aggravating then return home to a stinky fridge! As your food has an expiration date, you might want to consider reviewing what is in your refrigerator. Discard all items that are close to their life expectancy to help save on post-vacation clean up.

6. Did you bring your garbage can to the road? No one likes a stinky house or unidentifiable odor. Start on one floor and make your way through each room collecting garbage. By removing trash from your home, you can also help keep your home free of bugs.

7. Close blinds please! Who would ever want to come home to a humid house? Even with your air conditioner off, help keep the house cooler by closing all the blinds. 

8. Everything locked up? Once the bags are packed, it is important to lock up every possible entrance to your home. Everything from the windows to the fence should be locked for safety.

Once you have made it through the checklist, enjoy your vacation knowing your home will be ready and waiting upon return.