After hearing and watching months and months of truly discouraging messages on radio and TV Saturday we finally get to make our choice. If you didn't do early voting then tomorrow is your time to shine. Political season always makes me feel so dirty. Isn't that a shame.

Regardless of how you feel about the negative campaigning and mudslinging advertisements you still have a choice to make. We all need to go vote for someone, something, or somebody. Unfortunately there will be a lot of Louisiana citizens that won't go cast a vote for reasons that really don't strike me as important.

The usual football, it's the opening of hunting season, maybe traveling for Thanksgiving week or having friends or family come in.  All that has a tendency to drive turnout down.

Secretary of State Tom Schedler made those comments to the Louisiana Radio Network and it's a shame but he is right. Many of us will put football ahead of our future tomorrow.  But since the polls open at 7am and will stay open until 8pm you could still tailgate and cast a ballot.

Secretary Schedler is thinking voter turnout might  be a little bit better for the runoff election Saturday than for the general election in October. The October turnout was a dismal 39%. Based on early voting numbers Schedler is thinking at turnout of 42% tomorrow would be a safe guess.

State Representative, state Senate seats that are in runoffs, that will fuel some of the voter turnout in selected areas, as it always does.

The bottom line will depend on you. Will you be voting? If you are going to vote Secretary Schedler has this suggestion.

If you haven't decided, yet, who you're going to vote for, it's time now to engage yourself.  Bring a family member, friend, anybody.

If you'd like to see what the ballot for where you live will look like so you can become engaged in the process you can visit the website.