Sixteen years ago, I married the one God created just for me.  How else would you explain  how we met, fell in love, and were engaged within one month?  There had to be a higher power giving us a nudge.  Our story reads a little unique, since I wasn't looking for a husband when I met Chad Davison.

One hot July day, I was at a mutual friend's BBQ, where Chad was, and we met.  I wasn't the nicest person that day (I was not looking for a man), but he wormed his way into my good graces.  I went back to his apartment to talk, YES-we only talked, and it seemed like we had known each other long before we ever met.  We finished each other's sentences, and just felt "right".  The only hitch, he was a single father of three children.  I definitely wasn't looking for a man with kids.  We went on our first date, then a second where he met my best friend, I spent the night and I never left.  A month later, he asked me to marry him and I said YES.  THAT was the moment my life forever changed for the better.

It hasn't been easy, but something worth everything is never easy.  The kids have tried my patience and our marriage; cancer came three years ago and rocked our entire world, finances haven't always been sound and his active duty military career moved us away from the only life I ever knew.  But, would I do it over again?  ABSOLUTELY YES!  The one constant in our marriage from the beginning was including God in our plans.  When a problem was too hard or too hurtful, we turned it over to God.  There hasn't been a day in the past sixteen years that I thought "what would life be like without him?"  It would be very boring, as he is the one that makes me laugh every day.  I normally laugh AT him, but I am still laughing.  I love you, Chad Davison.  And THANK YOU for loving me during my darkest, most trying times.  Here's to sixteen more!