I am so excited, this night has been a long time coming. Tonight Shonda Rhimes answers all my questions that I have been holding onto since the season cliffhangers on Grey's Anatomy, Scandal, and How to Get Away with Murder were shown.  I have been waiting ALL SUMMER for tonight:

  1. How is Meredith and Sloan-Grey Medical going to survive without Dr. Derek Shepherd on Grey's Anatomy?  Having Derek die in the season finale in May put a hole in my heart.  I mean, WHO is Meredith going to BE without McSteamy in her life?  How will she find balance at Sloan-Grey without a driving force?  One thing I know for sure, Meredith will come out on top.  Christina Yang said it best "Meredith is like the Sun".  Hopefully, she will find herself this season and shine.
  2. Who killed Rebecca on How to Get Away with Murder? I will find out tonight, as the killer is revealed, along with some new plans for Keating and her students-Wes, Michaela, Asher, Laurel, and Conner.  Nate Lahey comes back, who still carries a torch for Annalise, even though he is set to go on trial for her husband's murder.
  3. Will Fitz and Olivia finally get back together on Scandal?  Their relationship has been turbulent, to say the least.  And, are they really ready to hit it head on and be brutally honest with each other?  Insider scoop:  Gladiators Huck and Quinn enter this season in a state of emotional shambles, while Fitz and Olivia's love affair include the ride of First Lady Mellie.  Mellie HAS to figure out she is really alone, which will fuel her ambitions for Presidency.