What a morning!  Yesterday, Kris and I took the show on the road and broadcasted live from the In & Out Phone Repair on Prien Lake Road.  An unbelievable experience, thank goodness Kris was the expert, because I would never have been able to pull it off myself (or, maybe I could have....you never know).  The morning started out well, great weather for being on the road.  Donuts were warm, and we were excited.

As we were getting ready to broadcast, we were entertained by a certain individual, who shall remain nameless, who parked in the handicapped parking spot a little too close to the sidewalk.  As we asked her to back up slightly, so patrons would have room walking, she proceeded to tell us that she had a vision disability and that she may have issues backing up.  Of course, she did so; slightly crooked.  And then, she stumbled over to the 24-hour bar for some "relaxing" time, at 5:30 AM!  How....What....Jeez!

Once we worked out the equipment kinks, we fell into our normal morning rhythm and things were going quite smoothly.  It is a little wacky, being out of the studio, but I think I liked it.  Wait, I know I like it.  I LOVED IT!  Stay tuned for our next adventure......you never know where we will end up.  Cruise, anyone?