The battle of the bulge is real!  That last 15 pounds that just won't go away after my hysterectomy last summer.  I am already over 40 ... the waste-land for hormones.  Add post-take-out-all-my-female-parts surgery and there you have it.  Actually, the minute that clock struck twelve, my hormones quit. They said "Bye bye, Erin."  I diet, I exercise, I try different kinds of vitamin/mineral regimens, AdvoCare, SlimFast, protein bars, and the list goes on and on.

It's a love-hate relationship -- I take Zumba Fitness classes, SPIN classes, I walk on the treadmill, light weight training, Yoga, all the stuff they tell you over and over to do.  AND, I eat right most of the time.  So, why is there a "tire" still around my tummy?  I ask friends, and all they tell me is "welcome to your forties."  WHAT?  I did not ask for this.  This is insane.

Enter the power smoothie. I have discovered a brilliant way to get high protein, super fruits, along with power greens all in one scrumptious smoothie made in my awesome Ninja.  I personally use frozen blueberries, frozen strawberries, 1/2 a banana, ground cinnamon, my protein powder by Body Lab, and kale/spinach mix.  Add a little water, and BAM....a delicious smoothie packed full of good stuff that tastes great (trust me, you can't taste the spinach/kale).  Every morning, I blend it, put in my Wonder Woman tumbler, and off I go to Gator 99.5.  It may not make that big of a difference, but I feel better and maybe, just maybe, my "tire" will deflate a little.  Stay tuned, this "tire" is GOING DOWN.  Happy blending!