Say hello my blind and deaf grand-puppy, Helen Keller, (HK), a Piebald Dachshund.  She was born with only one eye, which I think she can see shapes and shadows through, because I swear she will look right at me sometimes.  She is also deaf, no hearing at all, but I think she feels her way around with sound vibrations.  My daughter, Shelby, rescued HK a few years ago because her owner couldn't keep her anymore.  Of course, how could I say no?  She is the sweetest dog we could ever have.

And, don't let her challenge fool you.  She can smell the treat jar and knows where the treats are stored in our pantry.  She finds her way to the water and food bowl, and knows exactly where the doggy door is.  Her sense of smell is extraordinary, poking her nose in the air as she smells someone who walks in the house...all the way from the living room.  She could be a K9 unit if she could only see and hear!

If she smells you and you don't pet her, she will whine until someone comes to scratch her ears and give her a treat.  She can feel when the garage door opens, due to the vibrations; or, tunes into the high pitch barks of my other dogs, because I will find her waiting at the back door with the others. A very interesting creature, our Helen Keller is.  Thank goodness we rescued her, I can't imagine life with out this beautiful animal.