Faith Hill has topped the charts with her music, and has talked of love with her happy marriage to Tim McGraw.  "The Kiss" star is one of the most successful female artist of all time, and one of my favorite ladies of country music.  I know some of her childhood background, how she was adopted as a baby, she is happily married with three beautiful daughters, and loves fried chicken.  But, what do we not know about her?  I dug and dug, and found five unknown tidbits.  Nothing salacious, just pretty cool.

1.  Growing up, Faith would sing to the county jail inmates, spirituals and old country songs.  As well as read the bible to those who wanted to hear the good word.

2.  Faith worked the drive-thru at her local McDonald's, singing to the customers while they waited for their orders.

3.  Faith was almost married to Mel Gibson, not what you think.  She was offered the role of Gibson's wife in 'We Were Soldiers' but turned it down. The role went to Madeline Stowe instead.

4.  Hill's mom was the wage earner in the family, as her father had limited reading ability.  Which, prompted her to form the Faith Hill Literacy Project for all who have trouble reading.

5.  Hill's youngest, Aubrey, was born 8-weeks premature; which almost destroyed her.  During a routine check-up, Hill learned her amniotic fluid was extremely low, prompting doctors to perform an emergency c-section.  All is well, and Aubrey is happy and healthy.