Fall is HERE.....WOOHOO.   Cooler nights, bonfires, hunting season, and PUMPKIN EVERYTHING!  I am a Summer girl, I love the beach and warm summer days; but, if I had to choose a second favorite season it would be Fall.  It is a nostalgic time of year, remembering the Lions Club Carnival in Orange, Texas; Friday-night lights at Dan R. Hooks Stadium, home of the West Orange-Stark Mighty Mustangs.  And, my FAVORITE holiday of the year....Halloween, where pumpkins are cool.

The pumpkin flavor is in everything....candles, coffee, cookies, beer, and my Scentsy.  One smell of the the sweet, cinnamon-ey flavor brings back memories that include hay rides and bonfires at the Old Peveto Barn with my bestie, and some funny times of "this happened when".

Shopping for my pumpkin-flavored coffee at Amazon.com led me down a pumpkin-filled path of heaven.  Yep, there are many beauty items taking advantage of the favorite flavor of the year.  Move over vanilla, pumpkin has it made.  I found 5 things that I need to buy this year, I just need to make sure I "gourd" out and buy it all.  Happy Fall!

1.  Nail art-you can have tiny little pumpkins on your nails from Jamberry.  I love sparkly things on my nails!  (courtesy of Jamberry.com, $15 per set)

2.  Body lotion-Bath & Body Works signature lotion "Marshmallow Pumpkin Latte" is DA BOMB.  Really, how did I not eat my arms when I tried it?  ($12.50, Bathandbodyworks.com)

3.  On my lips-Shimming Bobby Brown lipstick in "Pumpkin", shimmer-my-lips-and-call-me-pretty.  ($27, Sephora.com)

4.  Pumpkin shampoo, say it ain't so- Philosophy Pumpkin Icing Shampoo will make my winter hair more manageable, and shiny like a diamond.  ($18, Ulta.com)

5.  AND, finally Make Up Forever "Pumpkin" eyeshadow-it might even make my green eyes orange....or, would that be blue?  ($21, Sephora.com)