We all have them, those family vacation stories from our childhood that are still told when we are an adult.  You know, the one where you all piled into the Good Times Van, next to your little brother who smells, listening to Buddy Holly in the 8-track player, asking your Dad "Are we there yet?"  Yep, this was me, every summer during my childhood.  We were nicknamed "the Griswalds" due to the fact that the trip NEVER went as planned.  Left late, forgot to pack something, cranky parents (mainly my Dad), a National Lampoon Vacation-story in the  making.

My Father owned his own business, so we didn't have the luxury of having a week-long vacation like my friends.  We would go visit my Aunt and Uncle in Houston, and take a four-day weekend to Six Flags Astroworld/Waterworld.  Back then, both amusement park and water park were separate; you would enjoy one per day making a two-day trek.  One particular weekend stands out, I was maybe 11 or 12?  My Dad can NOT see without his glasses, I might even venture to say he might be legally blind (my guess).  Riding the water slides at Waterworld were not good for prescription glasses.  So, he locked them in our locker with our towels, clothes, and snacks.

Being blind at a water park is not conducive to fun.  He couldn't see, so he would run into rails, bump his knees, scrape his hands, and not to mention walking around with a half-blind man was embarrassing to a pre-teen.  Even the first aid station knew him by first name.  He visited throughout the day, getting band aids on his bobo's.  We still talk about this weekend from time to time.  Laughing about his blindness, at his expense of course.  Good times, good memories.

As you pack the car, and load the kids for your Summer 2015 family trip, remember the Griswalds!  Feel free to embarrass your children, sing road songs, play the Alphabet game, and make some memories. Your adult children will thank you.

Seen pictured:  Me, my brother Tyler, my sister Tanya, and Dad.