I couldn't imagine living without my sight, because I depend on it so much everyday.  But that doesn't mean I'm not curious about what it feels like to go through your life being unable to see.  At the same time, I feel afraid to just come out and ask blind people, "Hey, what's it like?"  'Cause my momma raised me better than that.  Lucky for me, there's Tommy Edison -- blind since birth and unafraid of questions from "sighted" people.

Edison made a splash by starting a YouTube channel as a blind film critic.  But of course, since he's on the Internet, people are completely unafraid of asking him candid questions about his blindness.  The good thing is that Edison seems ready to answer just about anything.  And he's also pretty funny.  He has a whole series on YouTube called "The Tommy Edison Experience" in which he just flat-out answers people's questions.  The results are -- yes, I'm going to say it -- eye-opening.

For instance:

Do Blind People Understand What Colors Are?

Can Blind People See in Their Dreams?

And my favorite -- The Perks of Being Blind