It happened, NO ONIONS on my Egg White Delight McMuffin from McDonald's this morning!  HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY.  Kris didn't have onions on his sausage egg and cheese biscuit, either,  so I think they got it right?  You would think so.

First, we had the typical discussion this morning while I was ordering, "Yes, I would like a sausage egg and cheese biscuit, coffee, and an egg white delight McMuffin, please.  And, don't put onions on either sandwich".  Drive-through, "Mam, we don't put onions on our sandwiches", Well, call me surprised by this revelation.  I am not sure what or why, but maybe I am supposed to have onions?  The universe is plotting against me.

I completed my order, she explained that maybe they use the same cooking utensil as when they prepare the steak sandwich?  Maybe?  Hence, the onions.  I am OK with that, onions aren't intolerable.  But, surprising when you aren't supposed to have any and, BAM, you bite into your breakfast and taste onions.

Then, the game changed.  As I drove away, I took a sip of my coffee and, yep, it was sweet.  I drink my coffee black.  They added sugar, I guess they figured I needed a little "sweetness" in my Friday morning?  Well played, McDonald's, well played.  There is always next Friday. Maybe I should order a Big Mac for breakfast?  They can't mess with the 'Mac.  For those keeping score:  McDonald's=3; Erin=0.