Mark Zuckerberg announced yesterday the Facebook will indeed add one of the most requested features. The Dislike button.

At one time the social network had ruled out adding the feature. For many years, Facebook has been asked if they could make a "Dislike" button. Here's some Gator Country feedback on the matter.

Michelle Ball I think a generation ago, it would have been fine. I think in today's social climate of celebrating victimhood, jumping on the bandwagon, and easily taking offense, that it is a disaster waiting to happen.

Dorothy Meaux If I don't like something I simply don't check like along with posts that come to me over & over again.

Brandy Brady If they did so many people would get offended! I can hear the b*tching.

Bobbie Smith Yes but it will cause some to feel insulted.

Ashley Wagner You have no idea!!! It's definitely needed.

Lori Gardiner I think it's going to create s lot of drama.