The History channel is setting out to uncover the mysteries of the U.S. map, from the back stories of the jagged edges to the roots of the unusual shapes.

The network, under the leadership of Nancy Dubuc, who is profiled in the current issue of The Hollywood Reporter, has ordered How the States Got Their Shapes.

The new one-hour series will follow former Daily Show correspondent Brian Unger as he criss-crosses the country reporting on the tales behind the boundaries. Think: Why does Montana look like it took a bite out of Idaho? Or how are flying fish threatening to re-draw the lines of Illinois?

Staying true to the network’s roots, albeit in a broadly-appealing, Dubuc-like manner, States is designed to explore how the nation’s borders evolved in response to religion, politics and culture clashes. In a bid to engage potential viewers still more, the series will feature interactive elements that allow audience members to answer multiple choice challenges through text messages.

The show, from Half Yard Productions (Real Housewives of D.C., Say Yes to the Dress), will premiere May 3 at 10 p.m.

via History Channel Adds 'How the States Got Their Shapes' (Exclusive) - The Hollywood Reporter.