First dates can be awful!  The nervousness, what to wear, do I eat a steak or play it safe and get a salad?  How do I fix my hair and should I shave my legs? Do we talk about my ex or jobs?  The insanity of dating can be very daunting.  I haven't been on a first date in over seventeen years (thank goodness for my husband), so I have no clue where I would go on a first date in SWLA?  I have a friend who is going on a first date next weekend and I wanted to give her suggested places and/or activities she could do.  Here are some suggestions from you, thank you for sharing!

Karen- "Fire on the beach, with friends and cold beer"

Toni- "Hodges Gardens"

Katie- "Dinner at 21 Bistro and movie after wine!"

Amanda- "Petro bowl; had mine there and we have been together 11 years"

Desiree- "Fishing, something low key"

Patrick- "Popeyes, cheap is the way to go"