In a couple of hours, the Boots in the Sand contest will have wrapped up for this year.  Since there were only 10 winners (like these five), you may not have been lucky enough to win the golden ticket to see Jana Kramer, Billy Currington, Brantley Gilbert and Dierks Bentley.

So how do you get on with your life?  What do we regular folk do to keep on keepin' on?  Well, I'm here for you.  Let me show you the way:

  • 1

    Go Anyway

    Seriously, man – there’s no reason you can’t still go to Boots in the Sand.  Rooms are still available to book, and considering what you’re getting out of it, the rates are awesome.   Four major country stars, five days and four nights in Mexico, and that sexy feeling you get when you’ve done something you don’t normally do.  It’s good for your self-esteem.

  • 2

    Heavy – Yet Responsible – Drinking

    This one mostly applies to those who didn’t enter the contest. ‘Cause, Bubba, that contest was righteous. Next time, you should totally enter. In the meantime, crank up some George Jones and drink away your secret shame in a way that is soothing but not harmful to yourself or any other living being. Like Jimmy Buffet says, "Keep it between the navigational beacons."

  • 3

    Hold Your Own Concert

    Buy four scarecrows and use a color printer to print out the faces of each of the country stars. Slap on some cardboard guitars, crank up the music, pretend to have your own concert. Enjoy said concert. Have a friend come over so if things get too weird, you can get committed to the nearest mental institution quickly. Don't combine this with No. 2 above -- things will get wrong in a hurry.

  • 4


    Are you right with Jesus? You been hitting church regularly? You feel comfortable asking the Lord to provide you a way to Rivera Maya, Mexico, in His infinite wisdom and glory? Well, then get on that, dude. All He can say is "no," right?

  • 5

    No, SERIOUSLY, Go Anyway

    Nobody ever lay down on their deathbed and said, "Whew, sure glad I didn't go spend a week in a friggin' tropical resort paradise while four awesome country music artists serenaded me for my own entertainment!"  This trip is affordable and you can do this.  You deserve this.  You're kind of a big deal. You dress snazzy and you smell good.  Do this for yourself.  You won't regret it.