Ever wonder how big Lake Charles is? It used to be that only Superman and a bird could tell -- and who cares what a bird thinks?  But I recently had the chance to hook up with MaxAir Helicopters to take a look at his city from above, and I wanted to share what I found.

Recently, I went to Chennault Airport to check out the airport and all the neat things that I never knew were there! And lo and behold, I ran into MaxAir Helicopters, and volunteered to take a sky ride! Lake Charles is the fifth largest city in the state of Louisiana, but from the sky, it doesn't look it!  Come fly with me as we get a birds eye view of Lake Charles!

And if you ever get the chance to take a ride on MaxAir Helicopters, take it! It's great entertainment, and just plain interesting! Take a look at the world in a whole new way! From above it!