If somebody has reached the point where they're drinking hospital-grade hand sanitiser, wouldn't it be kinder to just let them die? Here is a story about a man who was being treated for alcoholism, who needed a buzz so bad he drank 6 bottles of that stuff! Unbelievable, but he had a BAC of 0.271 - about 20 ponies!

Doctors at The Alfred hospital in Melbourne were stunned when they discovered the man had downed six bottles of hand sanitiser, giving him a blood alcohol reading of 0.271 per cent - the equivalent of drinking about 20 stubbies of beer.

The 45-year-old had been undergoing treatment for alcohol-related gastritis when he drank the 375ml bottles of sanitiser, which have an ethanol content of 66 per cent and are routinely used by medical staff to prevent infections spreading between patients.

Dr Michael Oldmeadow, a consultant physician at the hospital, said the man had been lucky to survive.


The doctor also says this is not the first time it has happened, but this is the worst he has seen.

And if a nurse hadn't found the evidince, he would have gotten away clean...get it??