My wife and I had the opportunity to see Garth Brooks on Saturday and let me tell you... he is the absolute best entertainer I have ever seen with my two eyes. All four of his shows this past weekend were sold out. And if you attended his 10 p.m. performances, you probably were entertained til two in the morning.

Garth did share the spotlight with wife Trisha Yearwood for a about 15 minutes. Maybe that was his scheduled pee break. I say that because a fouth of the crowd did that very thing. Please understand that I'm not and have never been the biggest fan of Yearwood. Sorry.

I do not take this blessed life for granted. I, just a little over a year, have had the honor of seeing the best this country music business has to offer. Before I ever put a pair of headphones on and turned on a microphone, I was listening to those phenomenal artists on the radio. Again, thank you Lord for giving me a blessed life I don't deserve.