Don't worry, country fans... Gary Allan still loves Carrie Underwood and Taylor Swift.

Gary posted a statement on Facebook this yesterday regarding an interview he did with Larry King recently. Last week, a clip from the interview was posted on line, which Gary says was taken out of context. When Larry asked about whether he thought Taylor and Carrie are country artists, Gary called them pop artists making a living in country. But he did go on to say that artists don't make records for a genre any more -- including himself.

Now he writes, "It’s true. Country music has changed. During the interview, I made it a point to say that my own music has changed over the years. I used to make very different music 10, 15 years ago. As I also mentioned during the interview, I’m a country artist whose music leans towards rock, although I tend to love the more traditional-sounding country of Haggard, Jones and Buck Owens."