Gator 99.5 wants to take a minute to thank those who stepped up last week. For two days Gator 99.5 was Kids 99.5. We've got some great stories!


We have incredible listeners like the nurse who called in before seven am with a $45 a month pledge. We heard some really funny kids stories, some really tragic kids stories and some stories of courageous kids beating the odds. We had a hall of fame bull rider (Mike White) answering the phones. We had awesome volunteers! We had a special appearance by a Lake Charles radio alumni (Kelli Casey) who came in from Houston to help. The team from the Children's Miracles Network(Anna Catherine, Chuck, Evrette and all the gang) is second to none.You need a special team to pull something like this off; but more than that ... you need great listeners.

We realize that listening for those two days was an emotional roller-coaster. We wanted to be sure that you knew your money was going to really help these kids. It was important for you to hear (in their own words)the people who are touched by the Children's Miracle Network. Thanks for staying and listening. Thanks for calling and helping the kids. You doubled last years giving! Thanks for stepping up.