When you put a story up on the Web, you never know how people are going to react to it. Sometimes, you think you're sitting on Internet Gold, and nobody every clicks on it. Sometimes, you think a short little story will never get any traffic, and suddenly, it's breaking records on your website.

That's what happened to us a few times this year. Who knew the Piccadilly closing would be our most trafficked post of 2014? You can't predict this stuff.

As always, we thank you for making us a part of your day -- whether it's on the air or on the web. And here's to 2015 -- we won't even begin to guess which stories will capture your imagination next!

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    'American Pickers' May Come to Southwest Louisiana

    Do You Have Something Cool to Sell?

    The Jeff Davis Parish Tourist Commission got word that the crew from the History Channel's "American Pickers" may be passing through this area. They sent word on what items they might be looking to buy, and people went nuts. This was probably our most-shared story on Facebook this year. Clean our your closets and call the show -- and let us know if you make any money!

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    Reba McEntire Coming to Southwest Louisiana in 2015

    People Love Them Some Reba

    How many of today's country music stars would kill to have a career like Reba's? Even 30 years after she first hit the road, she remains a major concert draw. When it was announced that she'd be stopping by here locally in January 2015, it was like our Facebook caught fire.

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    Top 50 Sexiest Cities in Louisiana

    Lake Charles, Sulphur, Jennings, Moss Bluff All Made It

    Ranking the Top 50 sexiest cities in Louisiana sounds like a fool's errand, but someone did it. They looked at nightlife, lingerie stores, strip clubs and massage parlors, among other criteria. So, maybe it's not the SEXIEST cities, but rather the sluttiest?

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    Garth Gets Coy About Coming to Louisiana

    He's Coming, But He Won't Say When or Where

    Garth Brooks' return was one of country music's biggest stories of 2014, and all anyone in Louisiana wanted to know was "Is he coming here?"  Our sister station, 97.3 The Dawg, asked Garth that very question, but he wouldn't give up any details. The man knows what he's doing. It's Garth's world, and we just live in it.

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    Piccadilly Closes Mall Location

    Who Knew People Liked Piccadilly That Much?

    It gets weird when restaurants close. They usually close because people stop going there, but when the closing gets announced, people get upset. This story was easily one of the biggest posts our site has ever seen, and we had no idea it was going to blow up. It turned out that people had a strong attachment to the buffet. We couldn't have guessed it, and we were as surprised as you might be right now.

    Dale Mann