With Halloween ten days away, I recently asked Gator Country what their favorite candy bar is. My question did get some interesting feedback to say the least.

I am a Three Musketeers Man! Been a fan for a long time. Especially if you place the Musketeer in the fridge for an hour or so... and devour the candy with a large glass of milk... yum!

What is the best candy bar?

Cristin Trahan A Heath bar is good. But my favorite that can't be beat is a MARS BAR. Nouget and almonds. Simple.

Christy Godeaux Twin Bing...but I can only get them when I go home to visit family in South Dakota. And when I am home I bring home a plentiful stash with me back to Louisiana

Michelle Harris 3 Musketeers

Sandee Killian Milky Way, butterfinger, and Reese's Peanut butter cups (depending on the mood!)

Heather Courville Payday