Starting tomorrow morning, Emily and I will start giving away ticket to see Tracy Lawrence at the Isle of Capri on November 21.

Tracy has been one of my favorite performers throughout the years. Songs like...

"Time Marches On," "Stick and Stones," "I See It Now" and "The Coast Is Clear" puts me in a time and place of where I was walking the halls of Sam Houston High School. How about you?

Name your favorite Tracy Lawrence song!

Richard Loftin Any of Tracy's music is better than most music that comes on the radio today.

Angie Pelt Did Tracey Lawrence ever play at the Airport in Jennings? I swear I seen him there! Does anyone remember that?

Rae Addison It's a tie between Paint me a Burmingham and If I don't Make it back

Gwen Tate I would have to say...Alibis!!!

Tiffany Broussard It's between Texas tornado and paint me a Birmingham. Love those two!

Jan Cee Too many to name. Texas Tornado, if the world had a front porch, Find out who your friends are, Paint me a Birmingham.

Don't miss your opportunity to see Tracy Lawrence on Novenber 21 with your friends at Gator 99.5!