I sometimes can't walk a straight line without spraining my ankle. Ever break an ankle? OMG! To me, there's no other pain in the world. Wait a minute! Oh yeah... there was that kidney stone a couple of summers back. Thought I was going to die!

What's the worst pain you've ever been in?

Kelley Clement All natural labor with no pain meds and I do it all over again!

John Bridges KPLC Either listening to Debbie Boone's "You Light Up My Life" or Morris Albert's "Feelings."

Tracy Buxton I went for 6 days with the pain in my upper right leg getting worse everyday I thought I had a pulled a muscle, I finally went to the hospital, turns out I broke my femur in two places' at my hip.

Beverly Dorris Sciatica from having a deteriorating femoral head...hurts worse than labor

Marsh Melissa Childbirth 4 times had nothing on this tooth ache I had once!

Jill Thompson I don't recommend anyone throwing up after a serious accident with a fractured pelvis and bruised ribs.

Ambra Reinking Kidney stone, gall stones and childbirth (labor for 74 hrs no meds until 70 hrs)

Amanda Bishop Gallstones with a completely blocked duct. Been through a c-section and recovery and it didn't even come close to comparing to the pain of gallstones.

Gwen Tate Stapled my finger putting up Christmas decorations.... Industrial stapler, went all the way in my finger and the points were sticking out of my nail.... Ouch.... Hubby pulled it out with pliers...it hurt way worse after that!! But before I got started with the decorations hubby said make sure and be careful with that staple gun... I said do u think I'm stupid or something lol

Emily Guillotte Epidural wore off in the middle of my C-section