CM Punk is no longer with WWE? Has Sting signed?

Wrestling Rumors put Sting showing up the Raw following Wrestlemania 30. There's talk that Brock Lesner is next in line to end the Undertaker's unbeaten streak. Man... remember the slobber knocker from 2002??


CM Punk is no longer associated with WWE. Reasons? Issues with the current storylines... he wants to be the Top Face of the company, or the Top Heel. 2 problems with that request. John Cena has been the Face of the WWE for a decade, and WWE Champ Randy Orton, along with Brock Lesner have a lock on the Top WWE Villians.

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See ya Punk! :'(



The only thing that is in stone for Wrestlemania 30 on April 6th is that "The Animal" Batista will face the reigning WWE World Heavyweight Champion that night. As of today (2/6/14) Randy Orton is champion.

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Who is ready for Wrestlemania 30??