He was out before most people even knew he was in...  That's the story of George Jones' Wednesday night hospital stay.  Jones was at a routine check-up when doctors had advised him to stay the night for observation.  During his stay Jones was in good spirits and cutting jokes.  Jones even offered his picks for upcoming football games.

"I believe Aaron Rodgers of the Packers and Michael Vick of the Eagles are the best that have come along in a long time," Jones said. "I think the Eagles, with home field advantage and home field noise will have to be my pick. So pick Vick, quick."

George Jones' publicists have not released the reason for the stay, but do say that the country music legend is at home resting.  There have been no changes that I can find to any upcoming tour dates.

via George Jones home from hospital, making football picks | tennessean.com | Tune In Music City.