This year's Golden Globes are sure to be star studded with over-the-top parties and the best in fashion.  Celebrities will be dressed to impress, and will then be applauded, or criticized, not just for their latest performances, but also for what they are wearing.

My reason for tuning in this year is not for any of the reasons above.  I will be watching to see Ricky Gervais host the show for his second year.  He is funny, quick witted and always fun to watch.  Ricky tells TV about hosting the Golden Globes:

"They give me complete freedom — in fact, no one even asks to see my script," reveals the Brit comic, who insists he's less interested in shocking the showbiz crowd (and us peeps at home) than maintaining his status as a Hollywood intruder. "The truth is, I look around at the Globes and half the people there are my friends," says Gervais. "But I really don't want to come off as part of the gang. I don't want to be photographed having a laugh with George Clooney and Brad Pitt. That ruins me as the 'outsider.'

NBC's hit series, "The Office," originated in the U.K., and Gervais was one of the creators.  Gervais is also a clever comedian, and will surely keep this year's Golden Globe viewers in stitches.  You can catch the Golden Globes this Sunday night at 7pm on NBC.

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