I voted this weekend, and it felt awesome.  I remember turning 18 and thinking to myself "how cool is this, I can vote now".  My love affair with everything political and voting in each election (no matter where I lived) started in 1989.  I was a sophomore at West Orange-Stark High School in Orange, taking World History with Ms. Parker-Chaney (one of my most favorite teachers).  George Bush Sr. was running against Democrat Michael Dukakis for President and my class followed the election closely that Fall.  Even holding a "mock" election during class.  Fast forward to the Fall of 1992-the Clinton/Gore campaign visited Lamar University my sophomore year.  We held a student rally on campus, and I actually got to meet Al Gore before he gave one of many campaign speeches during his college campus campaign tour.

Fast forward to 2015-I love voting.  The excitement of using my voice that thousands of my brothers and sisters before me fought so passionately to provide.  Especially in today's world, where some consider voting "minneal" and "not important since our voices don't count" in the grand scheme of things.  Um, HELLO!  It IS important, our voices are the most important aspect of American Politics.  Which is why I encourage you to VOTE EARLY, which you can do all this week in SWLA.  Find your location and VOTE.  I even made it easy for you, see locations and times below.

Franklin D. Roosevelt once said, "Nobody will every deprive the American people of the right to vote except the American people themselves and the only way to do this is by not voting"

Voters can cast ballots 8:30 a.m.-6 p.m. daily except Sunday through Oct. 17.

Calcasieu Parish: voting will be held at the parish courthouse, 1000 Ryan St.; West Calcasieu Business Center, 500 N. Huntington St. in Sulphur, and the Moss Bluff Library, 261 Parish Road.

Cameron Parish:  voting will be held at 148 Smith Circle West Annex, next to the parish courthouse.

Beauregard Parish: voting will be held at 204 South Stewart Street in DeRidder, La.

Jeff Davis Parish: voting will be held at 302 North Cutting Avenue in Jennings, La.  

Allen Parish: voting will be held at 105 North Fifth Street in Kinder, La.  

Vernon Parish:  voting will be held at 301 East Courthouse Street in Leesville, La.  

For more information, contact the voter registrar office in your area: Allen, 639-4966; Calcasieu, 437-3572; Beauregard, 463-7955; Cameron, 775-5493; Jeff Davis, 824-0834; and Vernon, 239-3690.