If the kids in your neighborhood are always talking smack saying things like you can't keep up with them because you are to slow and old,  I give you The Lean Mean Green Machine


This baby is a nine-foot long, gas-powered tricycle sports a fixed 45-inch front wheel with the rear wheels controlling the steering via two handheld levers. Gear changes are controlled by a foot pedal. An air-cooled, 80cc Harley-Davidson Evo engine propels the Machine up to 50 MPH while its 8.5 gallon tank gives it a range of roughly 400 miles.



You might want to keep a low profile though.  I'm willing to bet this thing is not street legal but then again if you can afford the $75,000 price tag you should have no problem paying traffic tickets.


Otherwise you can always find an original "Green Machine" on ebay.