I am a southern woman, raised in Texas (pictured above with my sister at a cancer fighting benefit in Beaumont, Tx).  I believe in our right to bear arms, for protection and hunting to feed my family.  My dad didn't own guns (he preferred to fish), but my friends parents did and I grew up shooting pistols and 22's at beer cans and targets.  My husband owns guns, he uses to hunt and possibly protect his family if the situation ever arises.  I respect guns and gun ownership; I know how to shoot them and I respect what they are capable of doing.

The gun-debate is very hot at this time, with the recent deadly shootings in Charleston, SC.  The shooter, a 21-year old male, allegedly purchased the gun with birthday money.  Assuming the purchase was legal, how can the gun or gun control issues be to blame?  Most of our mass shootings are completed using legally purchased weapons.  I can now hear you ask "what bout gang violence or illegally used guns?"

There is no easy answer.  Guns are highly sought out by drug cartels, gangs, militias, and rogue armies.  Since the first gun was recorded being used in 1364, man has placed extreme value on guns and their value.  Trading, stealing, selling, collecting.  My son-in-law loves to collect guns; AR's, pistols, hunting rifles.  All locked up safely, and he knows how to use them properly.

Responsible gun ownership is key.  People kill people; people use guns to kill people.  Guns are tools used, not the culprit.  Let's take steps to protect us with laws better serving the people.  Don't take away my guns or the ability to purchase them.  I support the NRA.  I support legislation to protect society, not restrict gun ownership. #Freedom #SouthernWoman