Ashley Monroe is not only enjoying a very successful year in country music acclaim with her latest single "On To Something Good" climbing the charts and her world-wind festival tour this summer, but she is also basking in the praise of her eclectic fashion style of lace, denim, and bling being noticed by fashionistas around the nation. I love Ashley's style, a mixture of '60s chic with adding a casual vibe with booties or leggings and a funky hat.  She shows her individuality within a genre of music that may not have had a nod to fashion in the past.

Ashley does have some style secrets, which I gloriously found while digging through the internet bowels this past weekend.  A few have made my list of an "A+" rating, and I love denim and bling myself  This is the new age of women in country music, boots are optional.

Ashley's Go-To Style Secrets:

Lady Like, an Essie nude nail hue, is her staple (goes with anything)

MAC lipstick in Please Me shade (she has bought at lease 20, just in case it becomes discontinued),

"Roses de Chloe" , she wore it on her wedding day and says every time she spritzes, it brings back those blissful memories

Aveeno's Positively Radiant makeup wipe, ALWAYS in her bag.  Stage makeup is the worse, Ashley says, so she likes to clean her face often.

Yves Saint Laurent's Touche Eclat Radiant Touch highlighter works so well under the eyes.  Ashley insists she wasn't born with great eyes, her makeup artists makes them look great.