When you think of the honor and prestige of living in the Governor's Mansion you think of fine art, lush carpets, huge wooden doors, and chicken coops. Wait, you didn't think chicken coops? Well Governor John Bel Edwards did. That's the latest addition to our state's "first house" in Baton Rouge.

Why a chicken coop at the Governor's mansion? Governor Edwards hopes to soon be able to supply family and friends with farm fresh eggs. Or in this case Governor's mansion fresh eggs.

The chicken coop is in at the Governor’s Mansion, and we have 16 hens, and hopefully they’ll be laying some eggs shortly.

That's what the Governor told the Louisiana Radio Network about his latest project. For those that are concerned about appearances, don't be. Governor Edwards made sure that the coop was color coordinated with the mansion.

Governor Edwards checks on his chickens every night after work. He says he doesn't have a rooster.

I believe I could have a rooster, but out of consideration for my neighbors, I have decided not to have a rooster.

For those of you who didn't grow up in an executive mansion with chickens what the Governor is speaking of is the crack of dawn crowing that  roosters are famous for.

Personally I'd like to see the Governor get a rooster. Maybe it would wake up some of our legislators to the bigger issues of the day and help them get an earlier start on solving our state's problems.

By the way the cynics among you asked the same question I did, "Who paid for this"? According to chicken farmer in chief,

I paid for it out of my pocket.

The Governor also has two dogs along with his 16 hens.