The huge 2nd annual Bouboyz Entertainment Holiday Bash is coming up tomorrow night at Cowboys nightclub in Lake Charles.  The holiday bash is stacked with great entertainment all night long from of your favorite local artists like Brad Brinkley along with Greg Blanchard and David Joel to legendary country music super group Shenandoah.

Well this morning we caught up with one of the artist Greg Blanchard who will be performing at the holiday bash and he treated us to a live performance of his new song. Greg has a brand new CD coming out with five new songs on it.

One of the songs off the record is "The Journey" and that is the one he did for us live this morning in the Gator 99.5 studio's.  Luckily we had our camera's rolling and we caught all the action with Me and Emily this morning.

Here is the world premiere of Greg Blanchard's new song "The Journey".