Some people who put up this happy, loving post about kids, their significant other, their relationship with the Lord yet all you are truly doing is playing to the Facebook masses.  Here's what some of our Gator listeners had to say on the matter.

Dorothy Hardy True.....I found a book in our camper last week, during Thanksgiving, I thought I'd read.....anyway, there was a chapter on "PASTIMES"......hit me square in the face, computer, IPad, etc..... To know I decided to NOT take my iPad with me...... It hit home and what you just put...knocks it out of the park! I actually stayed 5 days WITHOUT and I survived!

Sonya Renea I don't criticize people for those happy awesome times in Iife. I've been through hell but always happy for those who had what I wished for. Nothing wrong with being proud and sharing your good times. People whom have a problem with people posting positive .. they have a sour stomach for life.

Shonda Berry Yeah sometimes I do write stuff then look in the mirror n wonder why I say great things bout my family...cause our problems r our problems...n nobody ekses, I don't put my business out there...every body has problems why tell others ur personal crap.. But I do luv my family,kids n hubby n I write the good things...if peeps don't like, don't read it..

Kelly Garcia Amen, Shonda Culpepper Berry , who really cares or worries about what others post. Worry about why your worried about it. Wait, What , yeah that's right lol